I am so lucky to work closely with people who really want to make changes in their lives. To stop repeating the same old patterns and make new choices. Ive noticed that the process begins with getting really honest. To stop pretending everything is ok and start being truthful, firstly with myself.

It takes so much courage, humility and strength to stop and ask myself deeply about my part in the way my life has turned out.

To notice the victim part of me that wants to blame and point the finger, to blame another person,  a group,  a government or  even a culture.

To sit with the sad  hurt and frightened parts of me .

To acknowledge the angry, jealous, greedy, narcissistic parts of me.

To see and accept the mistakes i’ve made. To do all this and yet to do it with such compassion for the self that there is a possibility even within the mess for space.

It’s in this space…this moment of pause and kindness that change can really begin.

Because in this space perhaps there can be a moment of acceptance Of all that I am.  With all of my failings


And then put of this loving compassionate acceptance maybe there can be new choice

To keep getting up and trying each day to make more new choices

Choices of nurture, kindness, giving

Choices that ask me to be bigger , to be the one who repairs, the one who forgives. The one who loves, the one who takes a risk and the one who trusts.


I know, easy to say ………………………………………………………

tough to do

and yet if I just begin with one thing. With one hour, with one new choice, I expand and I move.

Mistakes become my springboards   for more learning and challenges become my chance to practice.

heres a REACH meditation to enjoy and pass on.

wishing you all a loving day x Lucinda


  • Brigette Posted 21st October 2016 10:15 am

    Thank you Lucinder, very helpful, inspiring and honest words which help to smooth the path

  • Yvonne Roberts Posted 21st October 2016 10:31 am

    Having worked on this with you for the past year I can honestly say the process of change from blame to acceptance has been life changing. I am not there yet fully but I find myself stopping and asking the question about what is happening within me before I act on the though….and this is being noticed by those around me. The Reach approach is the kindest way to change your life. Thank you for introducing that to us. Namaste

  • Terence Hounsom Posted 22nd October 2016 5:47 pm

    i take it this is your counselling work congrats on making it a reality.

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