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Working on Life Of No Regret

Find Your own Ground

I honestly did not know if I’d make another album.

My life as a Psycho- therapist fulfils me on so many levels including creatively, that I wasn’t sure if there was anything left  of me to immerse in the writing and production of a new piece of musical work.

Then lock-down happened !

My work was initially much less than it had been and my lovely partner/ musician / producer was suddenly at home. His tour ended abruptly and there was little or no studio work.

The perfect time to make a new album!

Andrew Machon a friend and the cover- art photographer encouraged me to have conversations about lock -down and its effects to observe what emerged.

We met regularly on zoom and I put some feelers out to some new musicians to see if they wanted to collaborate. (you can read more of their stories later)

Then my friend Raj Mohan offered to finance the musicians and studio time (an immense blessing and gift) so how could I say no, Impossible right?

I’m so happy when I listen back to this album that I said yes.

I hear the beauty of Chris Bachelor’s trumpet on True Colours and Marcus’s exquisite piano solo on kindness.

I’m grateful for Cathy Thompson’s gorgeous string arrangements on Dandelions…which she did as a wedding gift to us both

I notice Phil Hudson’s achingly beautiful melody in Laid Bare and Simon and Michael’s luscious backing vocals on Three Little words.

I love Ahmed’s delicate voice on Laid bare and Hannah Vasanth’s soulful piano on Born Loving you.

I am touched by Amen Noir’s heart -poetry and Oran Marshall’s mournful Tuba solo on Dandelions.

The Uileann Pipes on Tipikota from Chris McMullan take me to the stones of Ireland.

These are just some of the many many highlights …brought by musicians dedicated to their art and their instruments . I just LOVE working with them. It is what brings me one of my greatest joys in life.

So, thank you. Each one.


I must also honour my soul -mate and husband. He worked hours and hours on this project. We did some songs several times, he never became impatient. He always gives his best to the music and I feel very lucky to now be married to him. We finally did it at the tail end of lockdown. Best day ever !

You can hear the love in Three Little Words. I actually wrote a happy song !!

So dear people …Here it is, the album. Find Your Own Ground. 

here are just a few of the amazing musicians who played for us.

Below Two amazing vocal arrangers and singers Michael Henry and Simon Foster

British trumpet player Chris Batchelor plays a beautiful solo on True Colours. He’s so good.

playing On Dandelions. Mr Oren Marshall world class Tuba and lovely man

Our muses …willow and charlie xx


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  • Ruby Glasspool Posted 20/07/2022 11:15 am

    Cannot wait to buy this new gift of yours to others. Sincere, soulful music and words that carries us for a little while so we can rest xx

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