The Road Least Travelled – MP3


These songs were born of two years of challenge and change. Moments of great chaos and those of deep beauty and understanding. ‘Both the Peace and the Fight’.


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Each song discusses ideas and themes around human consciousness and the quest for peace and happiness. As I wrote I was being influenced and touched by my own study of the work of REACH. This organisation seeks to empower individuals and teach them how to create sustainable change. I wanted to share these powerful teachings with as many people I as I could.

If a song here really touches you and you wish to explore the themes further go to
On this page you will find more information about each song and many links to inspiring films, worksheets and guided meditations. All material is provided free of charge and the majority is created by The Reach Approach to whom I give thanks for their incredible contribution to human and world transformation –


1. I am the light (I am me)

2. The road least travelled

3. Love song of a tiny flower

4. Being me (what if I was to start)

5. Falling

6. The gentle learn to fly

7. Surrender

8. Beyond the reasoning mind

9. Love surrounds you

10. I will rise


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