Faith Can Be Built.

I’ve been thinking a lot about faith.

I realised quite a long time ago now that despite years of meditation practice and at times a powerful connection with the realms beyond physical matter and logic…my own faith was a bit holey ( as opposed to Holy)  After all if I had a solid faith myself and life and the divine. Why would I ever be afraid,  why would I ever feel vulnerable, despairing, needy etc. Yet to understand fait is also to understand doubt, they are bound up in a relationship and like most things in life the answers are not black and white but filled with shades of grey.

I’ve long since given up beating myself up about any of my human frailties but I am interested in development  and change and in growth and learning so when I established that my faith was indeed shaky I used this information in a positive way to ask…. ..well what can I do about this?

My work with REACH has taught me

Faith is the antidote to doubt. In fact it’s the catalyst for change. Faith is the power behind the throne.  (REACH)

So if faith is the antidote I need to apply it daily to fear and to doubt. I can and indeed I do BUILD faith by injecting thoughts and feelings filled with faith on a regular basis. I also take small acts of faith regularly ( and for each of us these will be different depending on what scares you…so what is an act of faith for you ?

Some of my recent  ones have been

Let some people go from my life who no longer match my value system . faith thoughts I draw to me people who enhance my life. I no longer hold on to that which does not serve me. I am never alone, I am connected.

Give away some money .  Faith thoughts…More will come to me  with ease as it always does. I always have enough. I am taken care of  and I am extremely resourceful.  True giving does not count costs. I am a giver.

Let go of worry about work . Faith thoughts   Work will come to me as and when I need. All is happening in divine timing. I need a break so the slowing down of work is a good thing. I choose to enjoy the time.

Let go of the need to know…. Faith thoughts. I do not need to control outcomes. I know my intentions are pure and I know divine timing is at play. I trust all will be well

For you they might be very different, eg  Buy myself an expensive dinner in a gorgeous place just to show myself how much I think of me Go on holiday alone, to enjoy my own company and to place faith in my own ability to navigate the world and feel safe. Do something out of my comfort zone…public speaking,  driving  a long journey somewhere unknown, saying yes to a challenge when usually I would say no. Enrolling in a new class, learning something completely new. Doing something I was told I could not do…singing, dancing……the list is yours. Build faith through ACTS OF FAITH. faith in me in life and in my spiritual beliefs if I have them.


I’ve been practising this for some time now and can honestly say when we employ the awesome power of the mind in thoughts of faith and then back this up with acts of faith…faith grows

I feel safer, more at home in the world, more positive, happier and more content than I have ever felt. Its taken may years of self work to get to this place but you can start today. Get involved in your own life. Do not be blown about by the winds of change…CHOOSE

Build your own faith.

heres some wonderful resources to print and hang on the wall and read/ watch  every day, they will remind you to DO something

because its what you DO that counts



You Tube meditation


love love love






  • Zachary Bergen Posted 19/10/2018 5:00 pm

    To me the only real work is the inner journey and conscious growth. We are complete souls and timeless. We do have the four lower bodies that are only indicators of the work we need do if we choose to return to Source. The more we look at any blocks to awareness the more we feel love and dissolve locality and all of the illusions of this dual space time thought creation. Free will allows us to create the little ego illusion as much as we like although it could temporarily move us away from experience our birthright: love. There are many rituals and processes available that point us in this direction. However the idea of all of the structure in our lives is to simply experience the real world and not the persistent illusion of the lower vibration of manifestation. Remove the distractions and look in the mirror. You’ll find God waiting there for you.

    • Lucinda Drayton Posted 18/01/2019 11:15 am

      Hi there just found this on my site and its a really beautiful summing up. I agree with you on many levels and yet also add the caveat that many people will never reach this level of awareness so their journey is very different. My aim these days is just to try and meet people where they are

      with warmest love

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