Meditation, Relaxation, Live Music, Connection, Sweet Silence.
Join us at the beautiful Breathing Space Norfolk and give yourself a space to stop and really listen to
your inner world.
In peaceful surroundings learn some simple techniques to step back and become the watcher of the
This profound practice creates a space that enables your ability to choose.
To respond rather than react.
To emotionally regulate.
To be the higher person.
To hold silence when necessary.
To see the bigger picture.
To see the positive.
To access your inner guidance, wisdom and courage.
Come and be welcomed into a safe space in a small group.
Come and be yourself.
Come and get to know yourself.
Bring comfortable clothes and some shoes for walking. A swimming costume for those who would
like a dip in the sea, a sense of humour, as laughter is always welcome.
See you there, Lucinda X
Arrive from 3pm. on June 16th –

first session after supper, which is at 7pm
to June 19th 2023.

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