The more I travel through life the more I appreciate and love kindness.

It seems to go hand in hand with humility which is another of my favorite attributes and both I deeply aspire to.  it seems to me that in order to be kind outwardly in the world I first have to foster and practice kindness here within my own inner world. After all i cannot give what I do not have

It such a trite and common thing to say ….ooooo you are so hard on yourself!!  I don’t think i’ve ever been around a psychic  in my mind body spirit days who did  not give this message to at least three audience members…and it’ is such an important message because if I am hard on me the chances are there will be unrealistic expectations of others. It takes time and practice to learn self nurture and positive encouraging worlds for the self. Its taken me years to get this and even now my old patterns of self crucifixion can show up. especially if i’m tired, run down or am over trading with my energy levels.

So you see self care and taking time to nurture the self is not many of us were taught. Its actually necessary in order that I might be the best me I can be that day. Its the over wrought stressed worn out person who loses it with their  kids, its the overworked overloaded worker who cant cope with someone cutting them up on the drive home. Its the unheard unseen neglected person who might decide to take their rage out on a crowded shopping centre.


Instead Imagine a fulfilled, well cared for person who is told each day how special they are…who is bought flowers and given time to stop and stare…who is forgiven all mistakes and encouraged to get back on the horse having fallen off.

Who is championed each time they fall down and who has a cheerleader standing with them  willing them to be the best they can be and not to worry too much when they get it wrong…but learning from that !!


So why not just for today be that one for yourself. Be your cheerleader, your encourager, your forgiver.

Stroke your head and say …..I see you and love you for who you are ….you are just amazing and I will never give up on you. I’m here in your corner every day because you are just wonderful.

Imagine a world full of people who had someone like that in their world…all the time.

we would help each other more…we would LISTEN more, we would be KINDER

so go on I dare you…become this for you today and everyday. Why wait for a princess charming ? shes out shopping and the prince is knacred…. xxx be your own saviour


  • Susan Miller Posted 05/05/2020 4:36 pm

    Beautiful words and ideas!

    May I ask one thing though? Please can you make your font black and may be larger?? My eyes aren’t as good as they once were and so many great sites like yours have started using grey…which is so hard to read! Thank you!!

    • Lucinda Drayton Posted 05/05/2020 7:17 pm

      I will endeavour to use a different size font and colour it black but there are so many rules to follow in Word press I’m just happy to get something up xxx much love lucinda

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