Live a life happier, more confident and more fulfilled

‘It’s hard to articulate the difference that Lucinda has made to my life without sounding cheesy. But I can say with absolute confidence that Lucinda has equipped me to live a life happier, more confident and more fulfilled than I ever thought possible.

Over the time I’ve been seeing Lucinda, I’ve come to her with a wide variety of concerns, fears, challenges and experiences, and Lucinda has accepted me through all of them; nothing I’ve said phasing or shocking her. She’s supported me through my deepest fears, most painful losses, and most humiliating experiences with the same kindness, insight and non-judgemental nature that she approaches everything we’ve ever spoken about with.

Lucinda has the very rare gift of equipping and empowering others to become the best that they can be, through compassion, honesty and kind challenge, without judgement, and without advising or telling them what to.

I feel completely safe with Lucinda, cared for deeply by someone who genuinely wants the best for her clients, which means she has not hidden from the difficult conversations but has embraced them to empower me to be truly set free from the difficult, painful constraints that often I wasn’t even aware of.

Lucinda inspires me frequently with her integrity, authenticity, courage and compassion, and I would encourage anyone who is considering counselling or who isn’t living a life that they love and feel confident in, to see Lucinda – it’s been more worth it for me than I ever thought possible.’

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