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Friday morning and ive done a Zumba class and  laughed my socks at at my inability to wiggle my butt like so many gorgeous women in the class can. Who cares ! i stopped worrying about making an arse of myself a long time ago…freedom !!!

Excercise helps the body detox and move out the unwanted debris through the lymph  system….so we all need to get moving when we can. Stretching, dancing, walking, running. Whatever floats your boat, but if you want to feel good,  to make change in your life you have to move.

I ached when I woke up but after the class I felt energised and I felt good !!!

Then I  had a powdery green smoothie…nope it did not taste  amazing but it was PACKED with nutrients. Hemp powder, with those all impt omega 3 and 6 ( which are hard to get if you are vegan) loads of protein and then supergreens almonds chia seeds which are now buzzing through my system helping my miracle of a body do what it needs to do. My new aim is to have a super smoothie everyday. As we age we need to take more care of the nutrients we are putting in..the body needs 90 a day just to do the basics….. so we need to help it as much as we can.

its so easy to make …just blend lots of fav goodies together. here are some of mine


Chia seeds

nuts of all kinds…cashew almonds walnuts

Hemp protein powder

Super Greens ( holland and Barrat)

Chlorella ( bit with apple juice…super charged alkaliser…makes me feel GREAT

macca  (super food )

Cacao..choclately and antioxidant

seeds…sunflower, seseme

High count Vitamin c…4000 ..just add the powder

coconut milk

dates…for extra sweet tooth

Spinach…….i buy big bags and freeze them and just chuck handfuls in


you can have fun playing with flavours and what your body fancies that day. You WILL feel the difference in concentration ,  energy levels and all round good feelings

Then I work with my mind. For this you might do the following

1 meditate, feeding the mind with gentle slow positive thoughts ( download my letting love In cd here to get you started..see meditation section of my site)

2 pick two affirmations…… They must feel so good for you….feel the words and say them from your heart. Repeat throughout the day

I now welcome in my unbounded good

The door to my infinite abundance is blown open…yeh

I am good enough…im always good enough

I have the divine on my side …HOW CAN I FAIL!!!!!

I am a courageous and I choose to perform right action. Success is mine



what do you do to deliver the message to you…you are worthy, gorgeous , special, my dear beloved friend

here are some of mine

LONG luxurious baths…mmmm. Treats of all kinds. Letting my body REST when it needs to. Cooking myself a delicious nurtricious dinner. Buying my fav flowers for me. Dressing up when I feel like it …..i mean if you wantt to shop in a ball gown you do it !

or …comfy clothes…… sofa … and my fav zone out  film….full on pleasure, guilt free…MY TIME

Spending time with my internal world and gently accepting the fear and darker voices, letting them know I am also here for them… and they have their place at the table.

long quiet walks with my dog

kitchen dancing……Michael Jackson…Earth Wind and Fire..yep Im that age people…add the coooler younger stuff yourself .

we need this …..we need to know we are cared about ..body mind spirit

xxx so have a fab friday and do what you do with consciousness………you are the architect of your life so start designing your dreams.

in love


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