The underground messages

In my work with clients we almost always uncover together a range of messages that have been laying deep in the unconscious. These messages whisper quietly to us whenever we are anxious or challenged or asked to move into new situations. They play their insidious but powerful messages through our body/mind systems often undermining our faith our resolve and our ability to choose and be courageous.

Much of the self- help movement talks about just being in the now or the present moment but the very present moment can be contaminated by these messages if we do not bring them up into conscious awareness to be heard to healed and to be addressed. Only then can we get to know them, find out what they need to come to peace and help make new choices.

Messages such as

im not good enough,

im a failure,

im weak,

I can’t survive,

Im unloveable,

Im alone and nobody really cares

Im embarrassing and everyone hates me

no matter what I do I will never be as good as them

I am nothing


Yet if these can be gently seen and heard and held.  If they can be seen for their  teachings their grains of truth  which i may need to see and make chages in myself

But also seen often for their lack of truth.  If then they can gently be persuaded to change their position the person can then begin to program new messages in…

Through affirmation, self care self nurture and new choices.

This takes time and effort. It  needs to be done lovingly with pacience.


Over time the new messages filter through and a peace descends on the whole system. Even when the old messges try to make a come back they are met with…..hello there ….Ok you are back but remember together we are choosing a new way…a way of encouragement and peace, of nurture and self belief.

I learn to become my own champion and as long as I am doing the right thing by my values and ethics the way begins to clear.  It does not happen over night.. But time and time again I have seen it happen. I have seen people turn their lives around and make new choices.

To Understand more about how these unconscious messages rule the day see


Also see The Knd Mind for ideas on how to begin to create kind thoughts for the self.

Wishing you all well on the journey

I am passionate about human change and the possibilities we all have to thrive. I am honoured to be training with REACH based in the Midlands and I share their materials here. Do explore their site…a free resource and begin to set yourself free






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