Balance is such a beautiful thing, it brings with it a sense of order and calm and for me the time to appreciate the little things. I hope that creating and honoring balance is not just something that comes with age and having life take you to your knees. I am hopeful that some of the generation coming up are beginning to see that the relentless striving for stuff, for status, power and material wealth is a kind of sickness. That , time, people,  purpose, memories and meaningful  connections are the things that matter as we wend our way towards the grave.

I’m loving the peace i feel as my life comes into and maintains a kind of balance. It has taken time, patience, faith and courage to get there but the view is pretty damn good. The other strength is that from this  position I am so much more equipped to help pull others out of the mire. To aid others still struggling in the stress, the confusion and the suffering. I’m not saying im a done deal…of course not, i’m still challenged and Im still working my stuff…but there is a growing equanimity and ease that cannot be denied as I have come to accept and love where I am and who I am ( in the main)

So this is a message to say even when it feels like you are swimming up stream …when all your friends are holidaying in ritzy places or buying dream homes and you start to compare and feel inadequete…… when you start to run the old messages of failure or not enough

Remember what matters, look around you at what you do have and who you are …reflect on your values and how far you have come. Go for a walk , reset, sit quietly and meet your inner world, embrace your demons and celebrate your immense strengths. Life is a gift

x go well


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  • Josie Herndon Posted 27/09/2023 7:49 am

    Thank you for the Blessing your music brings to me, my family and my clients. My 8 year old grandson falls asleep to the”Beautiful music”!

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